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About the Event

Registration is now open for 2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge for international students in the U.S.!

We will pick 8 teams among all candidates as the final participants.

We will broadcast throughout the road trip challenge.

Each selected team will receive $1,250 cash sponsorship as travel funds!

Rewards are worth a total of $4,500! 

$2,000 cash rewards for the champion team.

$1,000 airline voucher (sponsored by for the runner up.


How to Qualify

Event lasts until April 15 (depends on your spring break dates);  Deadline for registration is March 17.

2 males & 2 females on each team 

All 4 members should be international students (have vaild I-20s).  We definitely welcome diversity in our challenge!

No restriction on the destination of your self-drive tour (as long as it is in the territory of the U.S.); Design your own interesting and adventurous route!!


Wild Card Challenge

Not enough people in your team?  Bad timing?  Unable to meet the qualifications?  Wild Card Challenge should be your way to go!

You only need to complete 3 assigned missions to join the final voting round.

Rewards for the Wild Card Challenge:  $1,000 cash rewards for the Champion team; $500 cash rewards for the runner up.


Founded in 2015, is the first online financing platform created for international students in the U.S. Leveraging its innovative underwriting model, Westbon provides affordable auto loan and personal loan services to international students, including those who do not have Social Security Number or credit history. Westbon is dedicated to connecting the underserved international students to the U.S. credit system and helping them build credit history by reporting on-time payment to major credit bureaus like Experian.


Date: 4.20~4.26
Vote Every Day and  Win Travel Funds


Registration Closed

What You Need to Know

By registering, you agree to all the terms and conditions below:

  1. All the personal information submitted must be real and effective, you will be disqualified if any of the personal info provided is unreal.
  2. The license plate and the car insurance that are used in the road trip challenge should be valid. The liability of your car insurance should meet your current state's minimum requirement.
  3. Each team member should have both health insurance and personal insurance. 
  4. At least two of the team members must have a valid U.S. driver's license.
  5. Individual Registration is a way for Westbon to help you pair up with other participants to form a team, but it does not necessarily guarantee that you will be qualified or be selected for the Road Trip challenge.
  6.  If there is not any team that is a fit for you, you're welcomed to participate in the Wild Card Challenge. Learn more details.




Registration for 2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge Registration ends on March 17th, 11:59 pm PST. Feel free to register any time before this date!

Each team needs to have 4 people, all 4 team members should be international students who are currently studying in the U.S. By adding more diversity, we encourage all the teams to have 2 males and 2 females. You can only change your team members BEFORE submitting the form for the second round. Any changes are not allowed in the following process unless emergencies occur. Please refer to the questions below for more information regarding changing teammates.

Once you have registered as a team, you will receive a qualification letter to inform you whether your team has entered the second round of verification or not. The qualification form attached with the letter should be completed and sent back to us within a week.

Westbon always believes that organizing and planning your trip ahead will be very helpful. Your team should write up a road trip plan, which includes information of all the team members, destination, detailed travel schedule, and relevant legal documents. Your team will stay in pending status after submitting the second qualification form.

Yes. If you cannot find any teammates by any means, you are more than welcome to register as an individual participant. Westbon will help pair you up with other participants based on your registration information via our private LFG (Looking For Group) channel.

This is our private channel for applicants who were not able to form a team. In this channel, participants are encouraged to bundle up with other people and eventually to form a 2M&2F team. If you have registered as an individual participant, you will be invited to our LFG channel within 24 hours after you submit your social media contact info (Facebook/WeChat).

If you are not able to form a team by the end of the sign-up period, you can still participate in our Wild Card challenge without any restriction.

If you are familiar with sports game, you’ve probably known that the term through some big sporting events such as Tennis Championship, MLB, Olympic Games and DOTA The Internationals. Teams which fail to meet qualification standards are granted "wild cards", which allow them to enter as competitors who previously are not qualified for our normal registration. 2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge provides opportunities for teams that couldn’t meet our normal qualification in the first place. Please refer to the Wild Card section on the Event Page for more information.

You can rent a car to participate in the road trip challenge. At least 2 of your members should have valid U.S. driver licenses.

The road trip must be at least 5 days long, so all the members would have time to finish the tasks given by us. We hope you enjoy your trip by taking lots of amazing pictures and spending time with your friends!

No, generally, you are not allowed to change teammates after the submission of the second verification form. If there’s any emergencies, you are allowed to change only 1 team member and you need to contact us within a week after you submit the second application. If you change 2 team members after submitting the second qualification form, your team will be automatically disqualified from the road trip challenge.

Westbon will announce the first part of the results in early March and the second half in late March. If your team has been chosen, you will hear from us via email or call.

The winning team will be selected based on comprehensive measurements - both on the poll results of the online public voting and on the total points each team obtains from completing the tasks given by Westbon. To prevent malicious brush ticket behavior, we require every voter to use his own school email ( to register a Westbon account in order to participate in voting. After login, each account is allowed to vote for any ONE of the eight teams. Only ONE vote is allowed per day, but you can re-vote on the other day. (e.g. 7 votes in total are counted if you vote on 7 consecutive days.)

Westbon will update every team’s latest developments as soon as possible. Meanwhile you’re welcomed to track your favorite team through all of our social media accounts. We will also make the winning team announcement via our official event page and various social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, etc. Please subscribe/follow our social media accounts to receive the most updated information regarding 2017 Westbon Road Trip Challenge.


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