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Shopping for car loans as a college student can be frustrating. Banks and other traditional lenders may turn you down because you don’t have credit or a cosigner. We believe in the potential you have as a college student and look beyond FICO credit scores to offer you better rates.

We can finance or refinance auto loans for both new and used vehicles. Our student auto loans begin at $5,000 with terms from 12 to 60 months.

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Neel Review
" If you plan to buying a car, then call Kora. Most other financing companies could not look past my credit history and student visa status, while Kora worked really hard to provide me with a competitive rate. That’s how I get a car financing on F1 Visa even though I have no credit history in the United States. Thank you Kora!!! "
Neel P.
University of Texas Dallas
Ziwei Review
" It is really great to see that we have company like Kora specifically offer auto loan for international students. I really appreciate Kora’s professionalism, efficiency and great customer service. They are the reason I was able to finance my first car in the U.S.. I also see my credit score improved a lot after several months and that is great for my future education plans! "
Ziwei L.
Mercer University
Vanessa Review
" Kora makes their decisions based on our grades, responsibility and demonstrated the ability to pay. They celebrate our situation as temporary immigrants. My application was very easy and self-guided. In a short time, the underwriting team contacted me and asked reasonable questions. My choice for Kora turned out to be extremely rewarding. Solid customer service and reliable financial company. "
Vanessa L.
Roosevelt University
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